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16-01-2011 // Snowkitemasters 2011
Snowkitemasters 2011 has finished. Although it was a week without any wind, and mostly bad weather, on the last day the event could be finished. Although Lennart is still suffering from his injury, he did manage to finish 5th!

06-10-2010 // Lennart wins Dutch Flyboarding Open
Lennarts year has been tough due to him breaking his hand. It has made unhooked moves pretty much impossible and he has had to focus on his hooked in moves. Eitherway he managed to win the dutch open which is great. You can check out a video of the event on the videos page.


07-02-2010 // Code White - The Movie
During the last Snowkitemasters 2010 Nick The Bruijn created a very cool movie called 'Code White' featuring Lennart and other Flysurfer teamriders doing some great tricks. It's been added to the video page. Be sure to watch it in full screen and turn up your speakers to enjoy the HD quality to the max!

04-01-2010 // Snowkitemasters 2010
Snowkitemasters 2010 is starting next week, and i'm already there with the flysurfer team to do some training. See you there!

05-11-2009 // New Sponsor
YEAH... I have a new sponsor for my clothing. I will get all my winter snowboard clothing and summer landboard and kitesurf clothing from REHALL and i love it, just got my winter 2010 stuff and it looks sick!
You should really check out their site and see for yourself. So i want to thank REHALL for this and everything else, enjoy the ride!!

30-10-2009 // 6,7 & 8 Nov Monchengladbach Wanlo (Germany)
I will be there together with some of my Dutch kitemates to have some fun and ride a German competition !!! i see you there check out the website for more info !!!

07-09-2009 // Kites over Deventer
If you're in the area, don't forget to attend to the annual 'Kites over Deventer' event on 19 and 20 September. For more info, check the website. Lennart will definitely be there!

05-03-2009 // Open Dutch Championships
Lennart wil attend to the Open Dutch Championships landboarding, taking place 8,9 and 10 May. Be there!

05-03-2009 // Training in Egypt
Lennart wil be going on a training in Egypt starting 12 march for three weeks

04-03-2009 // Best of.. Snowkite Season '08-'09 video
With over 2 months of filming, kiting at different snowkite spots and some quality editing time by Ramon Schoemaker the Snowkite Season '08-'09 video was finished. See the Flysurfer snowkite team in action on several of the best snowkiting spots in Switzerland and France.

Back country riding, freestyle, wakestyle and some serious snowkite flying as desert, it is all in there. Enjoy, definitely a must see!

22-02-2009 // SnowkiteMasters US Open
Lennart will attend to the SnowKiteMasters event in Utah starting next friday. For more info check The SnowKiteMasters website


22-02-2009 // PowerKite Magazine
The next edition of Powerkite magazine will feature an interview with Lennart about his recent visit to a skatepark with his kite.


08-02-2009 // Lennart's knee is OK again!
One year ago lennart had a knee surgery, but right now, his knee is 100% recovered.


21-01-2009 // SnowKiteMasters 2009 results.
Last week the SnowKiteMasters in Serre-Chevalier, France were held. All in all it was a very nice week with sunshine all over, good winds and a super exciting atmosphere all around.
Lennart van Schuilenburg finished 5th in the Snowboard Freestyle, a great result, especially concidering this was his first snowkite competition and he was able to kick out the World Champion Oliver Palmers in one of his heats.

Men Snowboard Ranking

  1. Botnen Sigve, Norway - Ozone
  2. Brandst�tter Heinar, Austria
  3. Meum Remy, Norway
  4. Luppi Romain, Swiss
  5. van Schuilenburg Lennart, Netherlands



18-12-2008 // Website Launch.
Today the website has officially launched! If you encounter any errors, please contact us at

17-12-2008 // Interview with Lennart on DeventerTV.
Tonight at 18.00 there was an interview with Lennart on the local TV station called DeventerTV. The interview (in dutch) can be watched on the "Media" page.

7-12-2008 // Lennart has won the Dutch landboard championships.
Lennart has won the open Dutch kitelandboarding championships in the junior division!